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This page is about computers and the Internet, and not about health or medicine

This site was originally created on a computer with an Intel processor,running Windows 98 SE ©, and intermediate revisions on a computer with an Intel processor running Windows XP Professional ©.Recent revisions are on a computer with an Intel processor running Windows 7 Professional. All software listed is for the Windows platform unless otherwise specified. Below are some links to programs that are useful. The programs listed are all free, at least for personal use, and are unlikely to damage your computer. Some need technical expertise to use.

Unfortunately, since this site has no control over any other site, you must download and use all software at your own risk, and always check for viruses, adware, spyware, or other nasty things! You always need to check software for yourself when you download. Also, sites sometimes change and disappear. At the time this page was last revised all of the software listed was free.

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Made with 1st Page 2000 - Professional tools for real minds. The original writing of this site, and all revisions before 2005 were done using 1st Page 2000. The link from here still works; the program runs under Windows XP, but it is in some ways an odd program. There is a newer version that is shareware (you need to pay for it.)
HTML-Kit is highly flexible, customizable, and feature rich. HTML-Kit is being actively developed, and does have support. This revision of this web site was created with HTML-Kit. HTML-Kit logo
Link to Xenu Link Sleuth Xenu Link Sleuth is the only link checker that anyone running less than a major corporation web site would need. A link checker tests your web pages to be sure that the links are active.

Other Useful Free Software Links

LibreOffice is a full office suite of programs, which is completely free. It is available to run on any modern computer operating systems, and is available in more languages than any other word processing program. You can download it from The Document Foundation The Document Foundation
ZPaint enhanced ZPaint was used to create some objects that were previously seen on this site. It is a limited function graphics program, but duplicating the effect with a full featured graphics program would be a long task.
ESBCalc is the best freeware calculator for general use. Their web site has both the freeware and shareware versions of the program. It is a scientific calculator because it has those functions, but is very useful for simple calculations because it has a virtual tape, so you can see if you made a mistake. Your webmaster has checked many freeware calculators, and for heavy math, there are other choices. ESB also has the best free unit converter if you need one.
 metapad homepage link Metapad is a small, fast, and free text editor and notepad replacement. A website can be and probably has been written in it, but this webmaster uses it for the many manipulations of pure text data needed in working on web pages. Again, your webmaster has downloaded and evaluated many of these programs, and considers metapad clearly the best.

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