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What is Electromyography?

Electromyography is a test for certain problems of nerves and muscles.

What Kinds of Problems Need Electromyography?

The most common medical problems that suggest you may need this test are tingling or weakness, especially if it lasts more than three weeks. This test is most often used for people who might have carpal tunnel syndrome, where it is still the most reliable test.

Is Electromyography a New Test?

No, actually electromyography goes back to early work in the 1920s, with refinements in the 1940s. The real science that put the test into its current form is from the late 1950s. The technology of this test has been refined, but the ideas from then form the basis of the test. This makes it much older than MRI (commonly available since about 1982) and CT (commonly available since about 1975)

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